I Have No Memory of What I Wrote

8 02 2012

Some of the folks who read this blog actually know me and occasionally see me in person. I must drive them nuts. Why? Because I try to tell them all about happenings in my life that they already know all about because they read it on my blog! Sigh….

Actually, many of my closest friends don’t read my blog. That is OK. But I have a few problems going on here. First, I can’t keep track of who has or has not read all of my news. Second,  once I write something, I put it in that special “All Done” drawer in my mind and promptly forget all about it.

That last one creates lots of profoundly puzzling moments in my life. You don’t know how many times someone will say to me “How is your cat?” or “Have you picked a paint color yet?” and I will be stopped dead in my tracks wondering “How the heck to they know about that? I haven’t talked to them in two weeks!” I will be experiencing a total Twilight Zone moment, wondering who has been listening in on my phone conversations when it dawns on me, I actually write about this stuff and put it out there for people to READ! It is a relief knowing that my phone isn’t bugged but I am sure the person I am talking to must be thinking I have Alzheimer’s.

Actually, blogging for me is like having a casual conversation. It is not something I commit to permanent memory. Of course, I don’t really have to as it is stored on some massive server somewhere in Goggle land and I can revisit it at any time. So to all of you out there who read my blog and then have to hear me talk all about it a second time, I apologize profusely! To those of you who think I have a metal disorder I probably do, just not the one you are thinking it is!




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8 02 2012

As a blogger, I too suffer from this. Sometimes I am so perplexed that they probably think I don’t really write my own blog! Then there are the closer people, like my brother, who cuts me off when I try to tell him something. “I already heard about it in your blog.” (Oh, and they also tell me not to write about them! Good thing I can’t remember that either.)

8 02 2012
Woman in the Middle

Yes! I am glad I am not the only one with this problem! I get cut off by some people, too! Which is fine….I understand they don’t want to hear it twice…but before I open my mouth I have no idea if they have read it or not.

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