Things I Love About My Dog

10 02 2012


This is Honey's "Oh no! They are going to flash that thing in my face again" look.

Honey has been with us for 11 1/2 years, minus the first nine months or so of her life before she came to us. After my post about her little breaking wind problem, I thought the least I could do is tell you what I love about her.

1. She groans. When she stretches out for a good sleep she groans like she is in horrible pain, but she isn’t. It is now the sound of contented napping to me. I just want to curl up and fall asleep when I hear it.

2. She wants to have her ears scratched. There is nothing more endearing than a living breathing being asking for affection.

3. The happy look on her face when she gets her ears scratched. Enough said.

4. She is the most amazing runner. Just seeing her blast around, tail end tucked, legs pumping, is a sight to behold. You would never guess her age when you see her fly!

5. She is very protective of my two daughters. Anybody or any dog that wants to protect them as much as I do will forever have a place in my heart. I just wish I could send her on dates with them….

6. In the end, I just love the fact that she loves me. What can I say. I am a dog person.




2 responses

10 02 2012

What an adorable dog!!

10 02 2012

I am a cat person and I can relate. Hazel moans when you rub/scratch her. It’s her version of an orgasm. Jake gives you puppy dog eyes when he want something. Don’t know how he learned that as we’ve never had a dog. Mollie rolls on her back and you all is right in her world. Oh yes, they can all pass wind. Hazel’s is particularly toxic but so what. Just stay upwind.

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