One Less

13 02 2012

I think most of us have a few people from high school or college that we keep meaning to get back in contact with. I have a list myself. It really isn’t very long but there was one couple on the list that I kept meaning to connect with again….I knew them as Barbie and Kenny, back in the day. She was my big sister in my sorority. He was her boyfriend. They were great people and Barbie had a little spice to her personality, just like I like in my friends!

Barbie was a senior and I was a freshman when I joined the sorority. She really helped me navigate the weird and treacherous waters of freshman year. After she graduated she and Kenny got an apartment while he finished school. Kenny had a cute little car, loud, low, foreign and fun.  I remember the day she and I drove down to San Diego to find an apartment for them to live in because Barbie had been accepted to law school at the University of San Diego . Oh, the days we have when we are young! I was there for their wedding and can still see her in her wedding dress in my mind’s eye.

After their move we managed to keep in touch. They couldn’t come to my wedding due to law school finals but sent a lovely gift. We exchanged Christmas cards but they moved and so did we and what with having babies and dealing with sick parents (mine) we lost touch. I kept meaning to find their address and at least start sending Christmas cards again….sigh….

I am sure that you can see where this is going. I picked up the paper yesterday and there it was, on the obituary page, where no 53-year-old should ever be found. It was just a reminder to never lose sight of what is important in life.




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14 02 2012
Stuff I Can't Post

I am so sorry for your loss!!! The most painful goodbyes I’ve had were the ones I never said… I’m sure your friend knew you loved her. If she was like my big, she’s the kind of friend that even after years apart you picked up like nothing changed. This is so sad – I’ll keep all in my prayers.

And thank you for the reminder to call my own Big …also in Cali incidentally….

15 02 2012
Woman in the Middle

Once a Big Sis, always a Big Sis! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for her family. I feel so sorry for them!

16 02 2012
Stuff I Can't Post

Always! Once a big always a big! 🙂 You are welcome – thoughts and prayers I hope will help. Take care of yourself and have a great day! 🙂

14 02 2012

As life spans increase we tend to take for granted that 80s or 90s are a given,but they are not. Sorry that your dear friend is gone from this world. However thanks for the reminder to remember what is important and to make the best use of our days.

13 02 2012

I lost my high school best friend when she was 56. I couldn’t believe it. She had moved to different state quite a bit away but we had kept sort of in touch. Then one Christmas there was no card and 2 months later, there was a local obit. She had been ill for quite a while.

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