A Little Shopping

14 02 2012

I have two methods by which I end up with birthday and Christmas presents. There is the purposeful shopping trip when a family member has asked for a specific item and I go out and get it. Then there is the accidental purchase when I happen to be out shopping and I stumble across something that I think a particular friend or family member might like. This takes care of 99.9 % of what I need to buy in any given year. Then there was Saturday….

Hubby’s mother’s birthday is coming up quick and so I dug through my closet and brought out everything I had purchased for her so far. Hubby is an only child so we try to make sure she has several presents to open. Well, I had found some good things but there just wasn’t enough.  So, since Hubby, Eldest Daughter and I decided to go to the mall for our evening’s entertainment this past Saturday night, I suggested we look for something else for the birthday girl and they agreed. That began our evening of slogging from store to store. Lordy, I had forgotten how exhausting shopping for someone when you have no idea what to buy can be!!!

After a few stores we finally found a pretty pink top with some bling on it that we tought looked like something she would like and then had to decide on color and size. This was all occurring in the Petite department. Eldest and I haven’t been petite since we were about 10 years old  so it was a bit like shopping for doll clothes. Then of course we didn’t want to get the wrong size: too small and she can’t wear it and too big and she won’t want to wear it. Ahhhhh!!!!!

Finally, we got that all sorted out and went on our way to continue our window shopping. We thought we would pick up a necklace or bracelet to round out the present. Mistake!!!!! That took us through every store in the mall that carried costume jewelry. On this forced march of shopping I discovered the following:

1. After the self-study in the mall I now know that orange and pink together are very hot for spring, as are earrings and necklaces with dyed feathers and a pale milky pink . I could have gone to my grave not knowing this information but I am very up on it now!

2. Some necklaces are for wearing to Raves. I found this out when I pointed out a necklace to Eldest and she said “I am not buying my grandmother a Rave necklace!”  If you don’t know what a Rave it I am afraid you are going to have to Google it because I don’t know enough to explain it to you. However, I do agree that grandmothers probably do not need or want Rave necklaces!

3.  Petite people do not have a very big selection to choose from, which means people buying presents for petite people do not have a very big selection to choose from.

4. Expensive department stores have the largest selection of petite clothing.

I am happy to report that the shopping trip finally finished and we all were able to stagger home, exhausted, and plop in front of the TV. I suggested to Hubby that he appreciate me more for all I do to prevent this type of shopping trip from happening. He agreed I am wonderful and amazing, or something like that!




5 responses

14 02 2012

Next time, try a Visa or Mastercard gift card. Then she could buy whatever she wants!!

15 02 2012
Woman in the Middle

Oh, she doesn’t like to drive very far, so that limits where she can shop. But we are thinking next time of getting her a Kohl’s card and taking her over there! We think she would like shopping there. Or maybe a Macy’s gift card and take her over to the mall.

15 02 2012

My FAVORITE gift of all time is a gift card. It makes me feel like I just won a shopping spree and I get to spend it on whatever I want!!

14 02 2012

I hate shopping for others. Sounds like you got the whole family to participate. Good job!

15 02 2012
Woman in the Middle

And they were exhausted by the end of the night! Always good to remind them of what I do, although that was not my plan in the beginning!

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