Back in the Day All Over Again

15 02 2012

Do you remember back in the day, when you were 19 or 20, and you were in your car cruising down the road, your new favorite song blasting on the radio? You would be pounding the steering wheel to the beat and you felt like you were on top of the world? Ah, the good old days, but I am not 19 any more.  Also, because I am a woman in the middle, I listen to National Public Radio now. My kids already tell me I am boring, so you don’t have to!

Yesterday I was taking a few Valentine surprises to my Youngest Daughter at her school about 40 minutes from my home and I decided it would be a good excuse to steal Eldest Daughter’s Adele CD for a couple of hours. After seeing the Adele interview on 60 minutes on Sunday night and then watching her clean up at the Grammys I was curious what her whole CD sounded like. Since a copy of it was sitting in my very own home, I thought “What the heck!”

I hopped in the car and the lure of NPR tried to drag me in, away from the music. But after a few minutes I did manage to tear myself away and pop in the CD. The first song, her big hit “Rolling in the Deep,” came on and I was instantly transported back in time. I turned the music way up (“I am sorry officer, but I didn’t hear your siren for the last 20 miles”)  and started pounding on the steering wheel. Such fun! The second song ,”Rumor Has It” was a fun one , too, and kept me in my old school groove for a few more miles.   I enjoyed the whole CD, but nothing could top those first two songs for steering wheel pounding fun!

Thanks, Adele!

Adele - 21




One response

15 02 2012

Yes, I remember those fun days! At 18, I would ride in my brother’s girlfriend’s car and we would cruise Market St in Riverside on Friday and Saturday nights listening to The Sparks. Now . . . I listen to audio books from the library. Why, today I listened to part of Steinbeck’s East of Eden!

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