Pets are so Funny

17 02 2012

Blackie takes a good stretch in the winter sun.

Occasionally I do wonder, as I pick up the great wads of pet hair off the floor that seem to accumulate every 24 hours, why people, particularly this person, has pets. Then they do something that makes me laugh and I remember why.

The most sought after spot in the house every morning is a little rug by the back sliding glass door. The sun comes in and makes it warm and Blackie the cat just LOVES it there. A couple of months ago Honey the dog discovered it, too and that leaves no room for Blackie. We have explained to Blackie many times that one little swipe with the lethel weapons on the ends of his toes and a little hiss and Honey will never be a problem for him ever again. But Blackie is the most mellow of cats and he has never done anything to Honey, even when she steals food from his bowl as he is eating.

This morning went as usual. Honey stole the carpet before Blackie could get to it but this time Blackie was having none of it. He decided to claim six square inches of rug located between Honey and the glass door and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. As he pushed into the tiny little space Honey got a panicked and confused look on her face and leapt up to go get on her bed. I think there was just a hint of a self-satisfied smile on Blackie’s face as he plopped down in the sun.




6 responses

18 02 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

Never mess with a cat. They always get what they want eventually.

18 02 2012

Thanks for sharing this story and the beautiful picture of Blackie.

My little 22 year old cat Zoe was seeking the sunny spots earlier this week. I am sad to say that she isn’t up to that today. The end appears near.

So I’m going to come back to the photo of Blackie in the sun when I’m feeling sentimental. Pets are great.

18 02 2012
Woman in the Middle

I am so sorry to hear about Zoe. Twenty two years! That is an amazing long life for a kitty! As for my house, guess who is lying in the favorite sunny spot even as I type????? I don’t think a living creature car get more relaxed right now that he is!

17 02 2012

It sounds like Honey got confused and decided to solve the problem by going to bed.

17 02 2012

Yay, Blackie!

17 02 2012
Woman in the Middle

That is what I was thinking, too!

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