OMG, What is it ????

23 02 2012

I talked my Eldest Daughter into going with me to my favorite thrift store yesterday. We were having truely lovely weather. So lovely, Eldest was in a tank top and shorts! But as usual around here lovely weather means that a car that has been sitting in the sun is a very warm car so, after a few minutes, I rolled up the windows and put the air conditioner on, whimp that I am. I really don’t like being hot. Well, but for the grace of God, if it had been any cooler we would have had the windows down….

As we drove across the bridge into our big city to the south, all of a sudden all these little brown dots filled my front windshield. My first thought was that the car in front of us had kicked up something that had been spilled in the road. I looked farther up the road and there was an immediate problem with that theory. There weren’t any cars in front of us. At that point my nerves got the better of me and I said, out loud, “What the !@&? is THAT?????” I do need to work on appropriate substitute words for situations like that, but we were being bombarded with little brown things that were softly thunking all over my windshield and it was crazy!

Then it dawned on me, we had just driven into a swarm of bees! Dear Lord! Those soft little thumps were the moments of death of who knows how many creatures! AAAHHH…!!!! As I was telling hubby about my fun experience last it dawned on me that it took several seconds for my car driving approximately 40 miles an hour to clear the swarm. That is a lot of bees!

In all my half century of life I have NEVER driven into a swarm of bees before! I hope to never have to do it again!  If our windows had been down in the soft warm springlike air I don’t even want to think about THAT accident waiting to happen. The car being too hot was the only thing that saved my daughter and I from some kind of bad “B” movie version of invasion of the bees!

Please forgive me for the over use of exclamation points in this post. However, I challenge you to drive into a swarm of bees and manage to tell the tale without lots of exclamation points. It is just not possible!




2 responses

24 02 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

YIKES!!! Love the “b” movie pun.

23 02 2012

Ohhhhh!! The poor little bees! I wonder where they were going.

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