We all have our obsessions….

24 02 2012

One of the blogs I enjoy following is The Pioneer Woman. Although, really, now she is more like a blogging empire what with her multiple books and her cooking show on the Food Channel. She lives on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma so I enjoy seeing a very different lifestyle than mine through her postings. But, you know, women will be women and yesterday I was looking at the Home and Garden section of her blog where she posted a few photos of some dinner ware she had seen recently and loved, loved loved. She said, and I quote, “If I hadn’t put a moratorium on my buying plates a few years back, I might be tempted…..I love plates way too much.”

I COMPLETELY understand the Pioneer Woman’s overabundant love for plates because I have an overabundant love for drinking glasses! In my ideal world I would have 100 different kinds and every time I wanted something to drink I could have my pick to suit my mood and my drink. Oh, that would be so fun!!! As it is I only have, oh, ten or so different kinds because life is cruel and kitchens are too small! I didn’t count the crystal because I don’t drag that out except on special occasions when Hubby agrees to wash them. That is the deal around here – if Hubby agrees to wash the china and crystal, it gets used. That isn’t to say I don’t participate in the hand washing but I need to be sure someone else in the house is feeling the love of fine dining before I pull it all out.

Oh, I didn’t count the glasses with the Christmas pattern either because they only come out in December. I love glasses way too much! Good thing I too have a moratorium on buying glassware….




2 responses

24 02 2012

I am a hard core collector of teddy bears. If I had the room and the money, I would buy every fluffy bear I saw.

24 02 2012

oh my goodness- Guilty. I have tea cups coming out of my ears!

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