Kudos to the Post Office

28 02 2012

I know that the post office can have its annoying moments. Based on my past experiences, they don’t deal well with the unexpected or the unusual. However something happened yesterday that just shocked me!

I have friends in Great Britain who went on a short holiday to Dublin, Ireland last week. They popped a postcard in the mail to us on the 22nd and it arrived in my mailbox yesterday, the 27th. While that is not quite the speed of light, it is sure a lot quicker than I would have expected that little piece of cardboard to here.  It had to wing its way from a foreign land, cross a wide ocean, cross an entire continent, and end up in my mailbox in just five days.  I may even forgive the Irish postal service for forcing my friends to put a postage stamp with a close up photo of a Green Huntsman spider on that postcard.  Seriously, of all the things in the world they could use and they pick a green spider?

Note to U.S. Postal Service, stick with the obscure people from history, stay away from the spiders. Oh, and good job on delivering the postcard so quickly!




3 responses

28 02 2012

Well, why not green? After all, don’t the Irish love it? ;’}

28 02 2012
Woman in the Middle

I wondered about that. I mean the spider was green and the post card was from Ireland!

28 02 2012

Every once in a while, the stars are aligned and something totally unexpected happens. The fact that it happened at the Post Office makes it even more amazing!

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