Tryin’ to return to normal

1 03 2012

Whew! The citizens of my fair city are still flyin’ high over the excitement, the free excitement I might add, that comes from having a 340 ton rock start high tailin’ it out of town at 5 miles an hour. People were checking it out all day long yesterday as it sat beside the road, a few miles away from where it began. The newspaper said today that it will take 11 nights to get it to its new home. Here is a link to the Los Angeles Times article about the move, if you are interested:,0,5978742.story?track=rss

One thing you may not know about my city (and one of the reasons we wanted to become a city) it that we are home to many very very large warehouses. I think it is impossible for me to fully describe the largeness and the number of warehouses we have here.  When you have so many, you are bound to attract a few big names such as Walmart and Costco. Very ironically, we do not have an actual Walmart or Costco (and oh how my fellow citizens want them!) but we do warehouse literally tons of their stuff.

Apparently an Occupy-type movement decided they wanted to “occupy” corporate America and they came to my little neck of the woods to occupy the streets around our local Walmart warehouse yesterday. If you could see our Warehouseville this might surprise you. THERE AREN”T ANY PEOPLE THERE! Well, except for truck drivers and warehouse workers, and there are less of those than you might expect. Yesterday that was not the case because as the  Occupiers moved in so did the local police. All this in my little corner of the world! Nothing appeared in my local paper about our very own Occupy event (or what ever it was called, I am not sure.) The only thing I could find online is this video, if you are interested.




2 responses

2 03 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

They showed your rock on the CBS national news last night. I felt like I was already in the know.

5 03 2012
Woman in the Middle

That is so cool! I am glad I could keep you informed about the weirdness that is my city!

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