Big Rock Wows in Rowland Heights

6 03 2012

As the big rock moves very slowing through Southern California, it stops beside the road during the day and this allows the locals to have their own moment with the rock, like Jurupa Valley had the night it took off to its new home at LACMA. As I said after that night, it was free and it was fun to go see the rock. I do have to admit that it does seem a little puzzling at times how going to see a giant rock with hundreds of neighbors can be so fun! Well, I have a local history buff friend named Loren who lives up north who has been keeping up with the rock and its move. He has relatives down here and he let them know about it. They decided to go visit the rock while it was parked in their area. This is their report:

Hi Loren:

Thanks for the “heads up,” with the Giant Rock.  It parked for the weekend just a few miles from our home.  Dorothy, Bob, Loretta and I joined with all [or at least practically all] of Rowland Heights’ population and all the inhabitants of its surrounding cities to view the now famous moving spectacle.  We must have very little to do in this area because it was totally surprising the amount of people that came to behold this new Walnut Valley attraction.  But even with the large crowd, we had a fun time being part of the throng that bore witness to THE DAY THE GIANT ROCK PASSED THROUGH ROWLAND HEIGHTS.


Oh Lordy, this email made me laugh. First of all, I have to like an email from anyone who loves to capitalize JUST LIKE I DO! But I also love the fact that it isn’t just the citizens of Jurupa Valley who feel a need to go see a rock. It is generating crowds wherever it goes!




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