What To Do When Unemployed

7 03 2012

I am a very busy unemployed person. I do lots of things including this blog, writing a local history book, writing a weekly local history story for a local newspaper, meet/go to meetings concerning the city planning commission (which I am on), oh, and looking for work, etc….None of these things bring in much if any money. Hubby pointed out that doing things which you don’t get paid for is called a “hobby.” I appreciated him clarifying that for me.   As I considered my unemployed state, I came up with some ideas for keeping busy during all that “free” time I should have:

1. Keep track of cat’s potty habits. The cat is on a special diet and the cat was yowling a lot this past weekend. We grew concerned and Hubby felt it was because the cat was constipated. So, I got the OTC remedy suggested by the vet and I now make sure he gets it twice a day. I also monitor his cat box regularly, figuring if he is pooping, piddling, and eating then he is probably fine and is just trying to drive us crazy.

2. Harvest oranges. We have a full size red navel orange tree in our yard. Even with pruning, it is tall and it produces oranges like crazy. I can’t eat oranges. Hubby, Eldest Daughter, and Youngest Daughter seem to like bananas and apples better, probably due to how easy they are to eat while in motion. I have now purchased a fruit picker which I need to put together and use to get the oranges out of the top of the tree. Did I mention that orange trees have thorns? And pokey branches?

3. Reduce plastic grocery bag supply. See number two above. Those oranges have to go into something so I can give them away.

4. Plant a zucchini plant. I have purchased a zucchini plant so I can continue to harvest things like crazy, put it in plastic bags, and try to give away.

5. Annoy Eldest Daughter. I call it being interested in her life. She calls it something else. As long as Starbucks is involved, she tolerates it.

6. Annoy Youngest Daughter, but less often. She lives at school 40 miles or so away. My ability to annoy decreases over time and space. I am sure if she lived here full-time I could annoy her and buy her Starbucks as much as Eldest Daughter.

7. Cook. Well, yes I could do this, but I don’t think I will. At least not much. I tried a new casserole recipe last week. It was delicious. I know that because I ate it five times. Eldest didn’t eat dinner home for several nights and Hubby and I got stuck with it.   It was like I was being punished for cooking. I don’t like being punished….

8. Clean. No, just no. It gets dirty again.




3 responses

8 03 2012

Agree with katecrimmins on this. During periods of unemployment, I’ve been amazed at how little time I actually had. There was always an errand to run or something to be done with the kids. When I’m working, I really just want to putz around in my downtime. So I write comments on blogs at 12:12 am. Never enough time no matter the employment state.

7 03 2012

I know what you can do to make money! You can sell your oranges at Farmer’s Markets and on the side of the road.

7 03 2012

Sounds familiar. People keep asking me what do I do with all of my free time. I answer, “what free time?” I have no idea how I worked full time and got everything done! Oh, well, I guess I didn’t. Funny post.

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