Rock, Paper, Trees

9 03 2012

It seems our favorite rock hit a snag in the city of Carson night before last. You wouldn’t think a few tree branches would be a big problem for the giant rock and trailer moving at five miles an hour, but they were. The rock had to stop three miles before its schedule resting place, which was a bit of a problem. The route was carefully laid out, including places the massive trailer would stop each night, as out of the way as such a thing could be. Instead, the trailer and rock had to sit in the middle of the street all day, causing traffic problems and attracting loads of onlookers. One of the Los Angeles news stations posted a story and a little news clip:

I have already emailed the station, gently explaining that the rock is not from Riverside, but Jurupa Valley. Sigh. Someday we will be on the map!





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