Thank Goodness for Smart Phones

12 03 2012

I still get the newspaper delivered to my home. I don’t know what I would do in the morning with out it. When I get up I am not interested in much human interaction so the newspaper allows my mind to reactivate itself without actually having to speak. Besides, there is the occasional article that is a real hoot, even if the intent was not intended to be humorous. One of those laugh out loud articles showed up in my paper last week.

Someone at a middle school in Oxnard, California approached school administration to tell them that one of their teachers had a second job appearing in hard-core porn films. Well, the school district got right on that investigation! They hopped on their district computers and started Googling that teacher but, to their relief I am sure, found no evidence that this particular teacher actually was appearing in porn films. The District announced that the investigation was closed, go back to your classrooms, nothing to see here.

A few hours later some of the Porn Star Teacher’s coworkers whipped out their smart phones and showed district administration evidence that their fellow teacher was in fact appear in porn movies. Hum….then it dawned on someone. District computers had blocks on them to prevent students and staff from accessing inappropriate sites, porn being one category that was blocked. When the administration had looked for the Porn Star Teacher online, they couldn’t find anything BECAUSE IT WAS BLOCKED FROM THEiR COMPUTERS! That is when I laughed!

I am so glad these people are in administration and not actually teaching the children….




One response

13 03 2012

Funny in so many ways… someone googling for porn and id’ing the teacher, the admins googling for porn, the teachers googling for porn. I imagine the principal doing the search with the vice principal as a witness that he only verified the identity of the teacher and did not actually enjoy looking at any of the porn.

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