My Cat Doesn’t Want Me to Have New Furniture

13 03 2012

I am beginning to think that Blackie, the international cat of mystery, doesn’t want me to have new furniture. Why? Because he keeps forcing me to take him to the vet. This last $240 visit could have paid for a new chair in the living room. Instead, I have a cat that exhibited alarming symptoms of possible kidney failure or urinary tract blockage who is, instead, fine. Just fine. All tests came back negative and everything is fine. Well, everything is fine except for my wallet.

A friend who has many cats (maybe seven, I lost count) told me that if I had more cats I wouldn’t be able to tell who was doing what in the litter box and this expensive visit probably never would have happened. She has a point. While I do not lose site of the fact that my pets are not human, I do feel an obligation to care for them properly. After all, they didn’t pick this house to live in. So when Blackie stopped piddling for over 24 hours Hubby and I found this to be alarming enough to take him in. The special food he is on can impact kidney function so we were especially sensitive to that issue.

He was poked, prodded, xrayed (several times) and an appropriate sample was taken for analysis. Everything was working, nothing was amiss. There was no reason for his lack of litter box usage. I think he has always been this way and I just never noticed it before because I wasn’t looking. Can a cat be too lazy to go potty?

My only revenge is the fact that the vet wants him to take antibiotics for 10 days just in case. He absolutely hates the taste so that is not a pleasant few minutes for him twice a day. Sigh….I guess I didn’t need that new chair right now anyway…..

Black cat lying on white couch

Blackie obviously doesn't have a care in the world as he lies on our cream colored sofa.




7 responses

13 03 2012

I hope Blackie stays healthy and this is only a false alarm.

13 03 2012

I hate to mention it but he may have piddled somewhere else? Glad he’s ok. You really didn’t need that chair anyway. You are very courageous to get a cream colored sofa with a black cat!

13 03 2012
Woman in the Middle

You know, I have been keeping an eye and a nose on that and I don’t think he has gone anywhere else. I don’t think I was courageous to get a cream colored couch…just stupid! But the dog is red and cream so any colored couch I got was going to have visible pet hair!

13 03 2012
Linda Ladner
13 03 2012
Linda Ladner

I have been trying to call you, but I don’t have your correct phone number. Would you email it to me? Linda/Tennessee

13 03 2012
Main Street Musings Blog

It sounds like you have your priorities in check. Besides, a chair doesn’t provide you unconditional love. 🙂

13 03 2012
Woman in the Middle

Oh, I completely agree!

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