Naked Rock

15 03 2012

LACMA’s giant rock has arrived in Lakewood, is headed for Long Beach

This photo, from the Los Angeles Times, shows what the 340 ton rock looks like when it isn’t wrapped up in Egyptian cotton sheets and  white plastic and while it was still sitting at Stone Valley Quarry in Jurupa Valley CA. I realized that I have never shown a photo of the rock in its natural state and thought some of you might like to see it.

Of course, now that they have the rock at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, they have to move it from the trailer to the site of the art installation.  So what does it take to move a 340 ton rock? A 700 ton crane, which is being built right on the site. Below I have included a link to the LA Times site where you can see a photo of the rock and the crane going up next to it. No matter how many people contact them, we can’t seem to get through to the LA Times that the rock did NOT come from Riverside, our neighbor next door. Sigh! One more time, I am going to say it, the famous rock came from Jurupa Valley, California’s newest city! 




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16 03 2012

What did you expect from the LATimes?

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