Can a Baby be 20?

18 03 2012

She slept 21 hours a day for the first two weeks she was home. She took a pacifier which kept her content and happy. She loved the wind up swing from day one. She must have known how overwhelmed we were and we have always appreciated that.

Her older sister was bald as can be the first year of her life so the first thing both of her parents said about her was “She has hair!” She must have heard us and didn’t want to disappoint us because she has had more hair that any one can imagine ever since.

At the parent teacher conference in first grade (and in second and in third…) we were told that she already had mastered everything she was supposed to for that grade and to “keep up the great job as parents.” We were too embarrassed to explain that the drive and determination they saw had nothing to do with us and it still has nothing to do with us. We offer love, food, a house, and lots of advice. She is the one who decides to go forth and get busy!

And getting busy she is. A mechanical engineering major, a sorority girl, clubs, charity performances …..and the occasional visit home. Whew! Guess she got that extra sleep in early because  there is no time for it now!

Today is the day that my baby turns 20 years old.




2 responses

19 03 2012

She sounds wonderful.

18 03 2012

AWWWW! That’s a nice story. You are blessed.

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