I actually saw a movie!

21 03 2012

This past Sunday was Youngest Daughter’s birthday. We had originally planned, at her request, to go to the coast and walk around as well as check out one of our favorite places for used books. We discovered that the used book place was closed on Sundays and it was cold and still damp from all the rain the day before. Strike out on both fronts! I suggested we go see a movie instead and the Birthday Girl said a friend had mentioned that “21 Jump Street” was amusing. Hummmm…..

I have to admit that I never watched the original TV show. I heard about it at the time since  it was all over magazines and talk shows.   But, as we tried to explain to our daughters, it probably came on when some other TV show we liked was on, and so we couldn’t watch it. This concept is almost completely lost on them, of course, but Hubby and I remember the days when your evenings were completely scheduled around TV shows. “Sorry, I can’t meet on Wednesday, Moonlighting is on.”

So off we went to our local movie theater.   The movie was light and amusing and didn’t have too much gross potty humor. Therefore it was right up my alley! Except for some big action films (Indiana Jones, Harry Potter) , I don’t go to movies that will distress me, scare me, or revolt me. It kind of narrows down the selection, needless to say.   Probably why I don’t go to a lot of movies! But “21 Jump Street’ was a fun romp, as the movies reviewers like to say. We all enjoyed it, it was great for a birthday day, and if you decide to go see it, I hope you laugh a bunch like we did.*

*By the way,  21 Jump Street may not be a movie to take children to due to inappropriate content. I also would not want to be sitting next to my Grandma while watching this movie. So, please look into that before taking either your child or your grandma to see this movie.




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21 03 2012

I feel like you do when it comes to movies. If they don’t make me laugh or learn then I am not interested. Life is scary enough. Glad the birthday girl was happy too.

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