Spiders Make You Want Your Mom

22 03 2012

We had a bit of a crisis in the house yesterday morning, the kind that makes adult children really want their moms. Eldest Daughter had a spider in her hair!

Something you need to know about me is that I REALLY don’t like spiders. I avoid them if at all possible, and if that isn’t possible I scream for Hubby to come take care of them. I am a real woman in that way. However, when it comes to my children, all phobias are put aside and I put my big girl panties on.

Yesterday morning Eldest Daughter staggered our of her room a little earlier than usual as she had a Spanish II final to deal with. I was sitting at the computer while she made herself breakfast when I heard a small shreak. I asked what was going on and she said she had a spider in her hair! Dear Lord! Well, that is my idea of a nightmare in so many ways so I said, “If you need my help, let me know!” I do not rush toward spider events unless requested! A second later I heard that plaintive cry that strikes at the heart of all mothers…”Mooooom!” So I ran to the kitchen.

Sure enough, there Eldest was, holding out a piece of her long hair, and tangled up in it, and exactly the same color, was a small spider. We moved to the window so I could see better and, with the help of a napkin, I dealt with the situation like the strong Mother Lion that I am. Then I asked how she even knew it was there! Well, as she walked into the kitchen with her long hair falling forward into her face, she thought she saw a piece of fuzz in her hair. As she focused on it to get it out, she saw legs! She started beating at her hair to get it out but the spider just moved to another spot.  That was where I came in. Again,  a nightmare as far as I am concerned.

Here is hoping that extra adrenalin helped her with her test!

Update: This morning, not too long after I finished this post, I was happily watching a few minutes of TV, when what should appear but a very big daddy long legs, creeping across the wall by the TV. They don’t distress me TOO much so I got the fly swatter, carefully picked it up, and took it outside, leaving it to live on another day.  I try not to kill spiders, in spite of my feelings about them. But, then, this one wasn’t in anyone’s hair!




3 responses

22 03 2012

One time I had a spider for a pet. I even named it.

22 03 2012

I bet the spider was glad to get out of the tangled situation too.

22 03 2012

You are certainly brave! I don’t fear spiders. In fact, I carry them outside where they belong but I have many friends who totally freak out particularly when they find one in the shower (while they are showering of course). Your daughter will blog about this event one day.

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