Google Can Find Me!

27 03 2012

WordPress, which is the blogging site I use for this blog, give us bloggers lots of different information and statistics on our blogs, including the search terms people use to find our blogs. That is worthy of a whole blog post by itself! But today I just want to talk about one search term that led a person to Woman in the Middle. Back at Halloween I wrote what I jokingly called a “scary story” about what TV was like in the days before DVD players, TiVo, Netflix, and cable. In that post I mentioned how I watched the Watergate hearings live on television one summer because it was on every station, it was hot, and there was nothing else on TV. My parents didn’t watch them, they were at work. Me, the 13 (or so) year old watched them.

Imagine my surprise when, because of those few sentences, someone found my blog by searching for “Watergate hearings watching on TV.” I absolutely couldn’t believe it! I had to try it myself! So I Goggled “Watergate Hearings watching on TV” and sure enough, there was “Woman in the Middle” in the number four spot on the results page. That is so weird, and exciting, and a smidge creepy as well! I just imagine some serious academic type person starting research on a possible dissertation topic and coming across….my (hopefully) funny blog post about television in the good old days. So, be careful what you Goggle, you may find some obscure blog, which is probably not what you are looking for!




One response

27 03 2012

Your post reminded me of other TV hearings. Remember when the Iran Contra hearings filled the TV airwaves? I still don’t understand exactly what happened and how Oliver North ended up running for public office a decade or so later.

Google is a strange thing.

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