Cat’s Purrformance Review

30 03 2012

Blackie the cat had his 13th birthday last month so I decided it was time for an annual purrformance review. Lets see how Blackie is doing in his job as the  family pet cat:

1. Cost lots of money for vet visits – Blackie is hitting this one out of the park time and time again! Good job, Blackie!

2. Every time any human being, including guests, gets near the cat food cabinet, meow loud and long – Again, Blackie has done an excellent job, rarely missing this opportunity to annoy!

3. Snuggles on lap, especially on cold rainy days – Sorry, this is one area where Blackie never makes the grade. This cat is not a snuggler. We would ask for improvement in this area but know there is no point.

4. Poise for photos for Head Lady’s blog – This is a new area for Blackie but one that he is really doing well in. Keep up the good work, Blackie!

5. Spread black fur everywhere – Blackie accomplishes this task without even batting an eye, let alone breaking a sweat. Black fur is everywhere.

6. Conversation piece due to huge size – Blackie continues, time and time again, to amaze guests with his height, length, and weight. Many hours of conversation in the last work year occurred just because he walked into the room. Once again, Blackie turned in a stellar performance.

7. Purr when petted – Blackie does a very good job of making humans want to pet him even more by purring profusely and loudly while being pet.

8. Streak down the hallway at breakneck speed – Once again, Blackie’s performance is a winner! While he occasionally does not fit this chore in between power naps, when he does it he does it very well.  It always delights his family!

9. Sleep, a lot – Blackie, you tear this one up! You are a sleep expert!

10. Amuse your family –  This is not something that is expected every day but, Blackie, you still manage to fit this item in your already busy schedule. Your amusement factor is off the charts!

black cat




3 responses

2 04 2012
Melanie Mulhall

Having worked in the field of human resources for many years (another life–long gone), I applaud your performance review skills, not to mention the truth and humor of the assessment.

30 03 2012

He deserves a raise and a promotion!

30 03 2012
Woman in the Middle

I think he is getting all the raise he wants right now – my daughter is rubbing his tummy!

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