Easiest Garage Sale Ever, Part II

2 04 2012

I am almost too embarrassed to admit this, but I had accumulated so much stuff that I arranged not one garage sale but two to get rid of it. How does a normal family that isn’t obsessively into things end up with so much stuff to get rid of?????

A week ago my college age daughters had a garage sale to get some spending money. At the same time I asked a friend who runs a small dog rescue if I could throw a garage sale to put a little money into the bank account of her non-profit and she enthusiastically said yes. So, for the second Saturday in a row I got up bright and early and tossed stuff in my driveway for all to see! Additional donations were rounded up from some other folks for this sale and we made $289.50 for the little doggies ! I was hoping to raise $200 so I was very happy! What made me even happier was that Linda, Sheila, and Laura were there to help throw it all out on the driveway and box it up again when we were done. Linda even took the leftovers away in her truck! Sweet! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel in my garage now! Can you hear the angels singing because I sure can!

Happily for our sale, the estate sale was going on down the street for the second Saturday in a row and there continued to be that garage sale synergy. The funniest thing happened about 10 a.m.  I noticed that the neighbors across the street had opened their garage door, which rarely happens. Then I noticed that some folks had left our garage sale and were now over poking around in the neighbor’s garage. What the heck? My garage sale homies and I started discussing whether we should go over there and see what was going on. Were those people supposed to be poking around in the neighbor’s garage??? Then we noticed a couch out on the driveway. Then some clothes. Then there was stuff all over that driveway! Then we knew what was going on! My neighbors decided to take advantage of all the garage sale traffic and have their own version of “Easiest Garage Sale Ever” by tossing their stuff out on the driveway and seeing how much money they could make!  They never had to put up a sign! Good for them! I hope they made lots of money.




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2 04 2012

You must have good garage sale karma happening 🙂

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