Highchairs and Dogs

3 04 2012

One of the blogs I happen to follow is called Elephants and Rutabagas (which can be found at http://elephantsandrutabagas.wordpress.com). Beth, who writes this blog, is at a different point in life than I am and she was posting yesterday about cleaning a mucky high chair. Oh, it reminded me of the good old days when my kids were young and a mucky high chair was a permanent part of my dining room decor. It also reminded me of one of our funny family stories….

When Eldest Daughter was a tiny tot sitting in her high chair we also had a dog named Skip. Before Youngest Daughter was done with her time in the high chair Skip went to doggie heaven and we didn’t have a dog for several years. I started observing the incredible amount of food that ended up under the high chair when Youngest ate and I started getting very concerned. We never had that mess under the high chair when Eldest ate! I began to think that Youngest had some sort of fine motor skill problem, worrying as only mothers can do. I finally shared my fears with Hubby. He gently reminded me that when Eldest was that age we had a “bark-uum-cleaner” to make quick work of the mess and  now we no longer had a dog to clean up under the high chair when Youngest ate. Boy, was I relieved! We have laughed about it ever since.




3 responses

4 04 2012

“Bark-uum-cleaner” sounds like more fun than me dragging out the vacuum cleaner. Thanks for the shout out!

4 04 2012
Woman in the Middle

No problem! Thanks for the idea for a blog post. Running out of ideas right now. Too many other things I need to do I guess.

3 04 2012

My cat Jake sits next to my husband during dinner and cleans up the bits that miss the mouth. It took me a while to “get it.” I just thought they were bonding! I have threatened to get a bib and high chair for my husband!

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