My eyelashes are fine, thank you!

4 04 2012

I have this thing that pops up in my email inbox every day called “Amazon Local Deals.” I have absolutely no idea how I got signed up for that and have too many more important things to do, like watch episodes of “Cake Boss,” to figure out how to make it go away. I usually give the title of the post a quick once over just to see if it looks like it is something I may use, even though it never has been. Imagine my surprise when I looked at today’s deal and I found out that I can get over half off on eyelash extensions! For just $89, regularly $200, I can get up to 45 eyelash extensions per eye!!!! “Unlike tacky store-bought extensions, these are applied one at a time….” Dear Lord, I can not think of anything I want to do less than sit in a chair for who knows how long while someone applies one eyelash at a time, up to 45 times PER EYE! Nope, I don’t think I will be taking advantage of that amazing deal!




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