The Cat Better Watch It….

10 04 2012

Our cat Blackie likes to live life a little dangerously lately. Honey the dog usually has a chew bone hanging around on the rug in the family room. Occasionally, like last night, Blackie strolls over to the chew bone and starts treating it like catnip. He flops down next to it and rolls all over it, rubbing his head in delight all over that bone covered in dry dog spit. Last night he even gave it a few licks. He ended up laying on top of it for a while.

I finally decided to get a photo of this crazy cat but, or course, the camera battery was recharging and the memory card was in the computer. So I put it all back together and then, just as I went back into the family room Blackie jumped up and causally strolled away. Sigh! So no photo for you!

So, what was Honey doing while this love fest was going on? She was asleep on her bed, blissfully unaware that her bone was being contaminated by cat germs.




One response

10 04 2012

I think that Blackie would blieve that he improved the bone adding a little fur to the texture. Honey may have bad breath because from my experience, cats just love to roll in smelly things!

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