Its Spring…I Think

11 04 2012

That old saying “April showers bring May flowers” does not apply to Southern California. Even when I was a kid I said it should be “March showers bring April flowers.” Unless you are referring to this year. We just had quite the rain storm blow in early this morning. The world is as wet as can be around here and it is supposed to remain that way for several days. What the heck?

In the last week we have experienced spring, then summer, then spring again, and now winter. And, no matter what the day time temperature is it has been cooling off quite a bit at night. Yesterday I even broke out the flip-flops for the first time this year, but today it will be back to long pants and shoes.  If nothing else I will need the shoes so I can try to keep my feet dry when I ford the giant lake that forms in our driveway every time it rains.

The lake in the driveway falls into the “things we didn’t know about the house when we bought it” category.  It isn’t a big make or break item but every time it rains I have to ford water several inches deep to get in my car. Sometimes it is so deep I get in from the passenger side. Yep, that is fun since bench seats went out with disco and I am not as flexible as I once was. Happily once I get into the car I can park it out of the puddle the next time I pull in the driveway. I should have moved my car last night but I didn’t think of it. Besides, in So Cal (or “Cali” as some people younger than me like to call it) a prediction of rain is no guarantee we will actually see water fall from the sky.

Sometimes we see so little rain around here that it can seem like a myth. But not this week!




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11 04 2012

When I lived in Crestline, it usually stayed Autumn until January, and then it snowed off and on until Mother’s Day. One year, it snowed in June while the sun shone. I never could figure that out!

11 04 2012
Woman in the Middle

We don’t have to worry about snow storms so unless I am planning an outside activity I don’t pay much attention to the weather broadcast. Besides, like I said, when it comes to rain the weather guy’s prediction is hit or miss. Ten minutes ago it was raining and now, I kid you not, the sun is out. I have no idea what is going on today!

11 04 2012

I remember last time I was in the LA area, I couldn’t get the weather forecast. I asked the desk clerk in the lobby and he laughed. He said warm and sunny, it’s always warm and sunny here. In the northeast we are mesmerized by the forecast (which is never right). We check it several times a day! Sounds like your weather isn’t quite as predictable as I thought.

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