Fun Times!

16 04 2012

On Friday night, in the midst of intermittent downpours, Hubby got home from work and we immediately hopped in the car to go to San Diego to visit friends. If you have been keeping up with my blog lately you will shake your head over WHY we went to San Diego. You see, our friends D and G were having a garage sale to get rid of the last of  the stuff from his mom’s place after she passed away. I obviously have an odd attraction to hanging out at garage sales so we went down to help them with the sale. It was my third garage sale in four weeks. Whoo Hoo!

I am happy to report that the sale went very well and they got rid of a lot of stuff!. Of course, prices were set to make the stuff go away. It amazing how much stuff will leave the premises if you only ask a dime for it or if you just give it away!   It also helped that it was the community wide garage sale day, even though it was cold and windy and still a bit rainy. In case anyone in the So Cal area is interested, Scripps Ranch in the northern San Diego area has this community wide garage sale once a year in April. You can get some great stuff. When the kids were little I used to go down to find clothes and toys for them. And normally it isn’t cold, windy, and rainy on Scripps Ranch yard sale day.

Meanwhile, we got a lot of good visiting in, our friends were wonderful hosts as usual, Hubby got a nice nap in a recliner on Saturday afternoon, and my friend and I snuck in a little shopping. Lovely!




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