Death, Taxes, and the Ottoman Empire

17 04 2012

Taxes were due two days later this year but that doesn’t make it any more fun or enjoyable. Hubby was sitting at the computer last night, checking the last few boxes on the tax forms before sending them in and decided to amuse himself by throwing random questions at me, inspired by what he was seeing on the tax forms in from of him.

Hubby: “Did we get any false imprisonment compensation?”

Me: “That would explain that check we got in July.”

Eldest Daughter: “Dad, you know Mom doesn’t like to talk about her false imprisonment.”

Hubby: “How about an Ottoman-Turkish Empire Settlement payment?”

Me: “You know I don’t like to talk about my Ottoman-Turkish Empire years.”

Eldest: “Yeah, Dad!

Hubby: “How about crime hotline rewards?”

Me: “I REALLY don’t like to talk about my crime hotline rewards! Can we watch TV now?”

What can I say. The family has to find humor where ever we can during tax season!!!!




2 responses

18 04 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

Compensation for false imprisonment?

“Sorry we took away your liberty and warehoused you with criminals. Oops, our bad. Here’s some cash to make up for it, but don’t forget to include it on your taxes.”

What a country!

17 04 2012

Is false imprisonment compensation considered declarable income? If so, I may need to file an addendum to my taxes 🙂

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