Bird Brains

19 04 2012

In the spring the birds go crazy around here. There is the normal craziness of nest-building and courting and singing their little hearts out. But there is also something else, something I call “road crazy.”

In the spring birds in my neck of the woods hang out in the road. They are usually doing something like hopping around, pecking at something interesting, flopping around in a puddle, etc…. Then a car comes along. I always thought birds knew to get out-of-the-way of a large moving object and, with their little wings, had more ability than most animals to move to safety. Well, I thought that until the day a bird was on the road and I slowed a bit to give it time to get to safety and it didn’t. Yes, even very small birds make thumping noises when they hit a car. Yuck!

Now I treat birds like any other animal in the middle of the road, except, unlike squirrels who have some sence of self-preservation, the birds seem to know that I am being careful. I had to come to a full stop yesterday to let a bird get out of the road. There was no one behind me thank goodness, or they would have thought I was nuts. But they probably never ran into a bird before….




3 responses

20 04 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

Sounds like the birds are playing chicken with your car.

19 04 2012

I’ve taken to honking my horn to encourage animals to move, and other drivers give me the evil eye, thinking I’m honking at them!

19 04 2012

Good tactic. Sometimes a confused squirrel will make a u-turn in the road and bam! I try to be very cautious. Our birds here are very busy singing outside our bedroom windows!!!

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