Notes from So Cal

24 04 2012

Friday and Saturday summer was here and flip-flops were the footwear of choice. Of course, Saturday was the day Hubby was able to pick up a load of mulch that we had to spread across and around the yard. It was a sweaty time! Sunday the weather was cooler and it was lovely, a beautiful spring day. Yesterday I was in long pants and socks, huddled in my warm fuzzy jacket. Winter had returned! Just another four days and three seasons in Southern California!!!!

My handy Hubby just hung a large framed print over the couch in our living room last night. I am so excited! I am excited because, after two years, I finally found something to hang over that couch! But I am also excited because in our old house, the one we lived in for 22 years, the only place for the couch was backing up to the front door area and so there was no wall behind it to hang a picture. For 22 years this was just weird. I grew up in houses that always had a  large framed piece of artwork hanging over the couch. So it is so nice to have the stars and planets and artwork aligned again and to have something hanging over our couch! Heck, it is nice to have walls to hang things on!

Now that growing season is upon us, even if the only thing growing is grass and weeds, I have begun to hear a sound that has become familiar over the last two years we have lived in this house. It is the sound of the golf course lawn mower….in the dark.  Yes, since the golf course has entered their busy season they mow before sunrise. I bet you didn’t know lawn mowers had headlights, did you? I have to say that it is a bit annoying to wake up at 5 am to hear the steady hum/whine/buzz of the riding lawn mower. Guess it is the price we pay to get all those free golf balls in our yard!




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