25 04 2012

I was just minding my own business last night, watching an episode of CSI New York from the TiVo with my Hubby when Eldest Daughter came home, plopped down, and opened up her lap top (of course). Then, out of the blue, she informed us that we are living in a really bad spot when the zombie apocalypse hits. I paused CSI New York and asked how she knew this. It seems she was looking our home up on a web site called “Map of the Dead:Zombie Survival Map.” (mapofthendead.com)   Well, of course she was! To think, I woke up this morning thinking I live in Southern California but now I knew I actually live in a place where the undead are gong to have a field day when they decide to take over the world! Kids-you gotta love ’em!

I checked out the map and sure enough, I live in a pink area, which means it is highly populated and thus just where the zombies want to be. By the way, the web site appears to have something to do with a multiplayer game having to do with ….zombies! I decided to put this warm and fuzzy family moment into the “things I didn’t expect when I had kids column.” There are lots of things in that column.

If I have a bad dream tonight I know who to blame!

So, did your family happen to have a casual conversation last night about a zombie apocalypse? Yeah, I didn’t think so.




3 responses

26 04 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

Well, if zombies prefer densely populated areas I’m screwed because I live in one of the most densely populated states.

25 04 2012

Did your daughter offer any zombie survival tactics since you live in a pink area?

25 04 2012
Woman in the Middle

Unfortunately not. She just laughed when I asked her about that.

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