It’s Coming!!!!!

26 04 2012

We have been informed, my neighbors and I, that the Asian citrus psyllid has arrived in our neck of the woods (or desert, actually) and that isn’t a good thing. This small bug from, you guessed it, Asia, can carry a disease that kills citrus trees. While that would be devastating for the citrus industry it doesn’t really make us home owners very happy either. In inland Southern California a house without a citrus tree…is just weird. We all have them. The concept of buying a lemon is so foreign to me that when we moved into our new house that didn’t have a lemon tree (it did have an orange tree) I promptly went out and bought one. It now has baby lemons and in the fall all will be right and sour in my world again.

Some times it can be a little hard to get people in our area to come out for meetings. It isn’t unusual for only six or so people to show up for the Planning Commission hearings. Last night was a community open house to give us information on the plans to eradicate our psyllid friend and people came out of the woodwork. I told Hubby that if you want a turnout, threaten people’s citrus trees. The powers that be will soon be coming onto my property and spraying my citrus trees. I am OK with that. The dog needs another reason to bark and I need my lemons and oranges.

From the California Department of Agriculture




2 responses

26 04 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

Good luck. I wish I could have lemon and orange trees in my yard.

26 04 2012
Woman in the Middle

Yes, they are nice to have. Citrus is very easy to grow around here. That and rose bushes….and weeds. Weeds grow really well, then they die and become fire hazards.

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