Reasons I am Glad I am not 20

27 04 2012

While I didn’t really love turning the big 5-0 on my last birthday, having two daughters in their early 20s does remind me on a daily basis what it is like to be that age and I have no desire to go back. Here is why:

1. Living at home with Mom and Dad (even if Mom is wonderful me!).

2. Trying to find the right guy, which means kissing a lot of frogs.

3. That special hell that is studying for and taking college midterms and finals.

4.That other special hell that is writing college papers.

5. Never never never enough money.

6. Trying to find a job, including the part-time job while in college or the real job once you’ve graduated.

7. Worrying about what life will be bringing.

Of course, each phase of life has its own special and crazy aspects. Right now I am in that “worrying about my young adult children and my retirement at the same time” phase. But it is still better than midterms and finals!




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28 04 2012

I enjoyed by 20s, or at least I enjoy thinking back to them, especially 20 to 25. But I would not want to go back. My reason? Because I am amazed at how well I managed the challenges and pitfalls of that time. My judgement back then, in hindsight, was more spot on than it is now. I think I used up my maturity early so now I am being the more ‘devil may care’ type as I move beyond middle age. After all there is less future to fret over.

27 04 2012

So true. If I could be any age, it would be my 20s. I loved my 40s and 50s although whereever I am is good.

27 04 2012
Woman in the Middle

Yes, as long as it was my late 20s. But, I am with you. Where ever I am is usually OK with me!

27 04 2012
The Waiting

Wow, I am in TOTAL agreement. : D It’s been my experience too that things only get better as I age. As you said, things can only get better when you’re inhabiting that special hell of finals and paper-writing!

27 04 2012
Woman in the Middle

Both kids have midterms today, one in Spanish and one in an engineering class I can’t even comprehend. Well, I can’t comprehend Spanish either! I never want to return to having to take tests!!!

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