Road Tripping: Northern Arizona

2 05 2012

My hubby, my older brother (to be known as Bro from here on out)  and I just got back from a four-day road trip to Arizona. I figured out that the last time my Bro and I went on a long trip in a car together I was seven and he was seventeen. So we decided, what the heck, forty-three years later let’s do it again!  We piled in the car Saturday morning and off we went on a seven or so hour journey to Flagstaff, Arizona. Ah, Arizona…land of the unconcealed gun!  We had to get used to seeing men with a gun on their hip in the local fast food joints.

Flagstaff was just a good stopping off point between the two things we had come to see – Sedona and the Grand Canyon. However, Flagstaff is a university town and home to Bookmans, a fantastic used book, music, and DVD store. Heaven! All three of us found lots of things to buy and then we collapsed at the hotel to rest and read and, for Hubby and I, indulge in a little cable TV, something we don’t have at home.

On Sunday we went off to Sedona because Bro had never been there before. We poked around, took lots of photos of the magnificent scenery, and the like. I had made arrangements to take a jeep tour at 4 p.m. and it turned out to be the highlight of our day. This is the third time we have used Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona and we would take another of their tours in a heartbeat. We took their “Broken Arrow Tour” which is an off-road, bounce around in your seat kind of experience. Hubby and I had gone on this tour with our girls a few years back so we were familiar with it. I really thought Bro would like it and I was right.

Couple looking at scenery in Sedona, AZ

Here are hubby and I taking in the beautiful scenery in Sedona on one of our stops on the Pink Jeep tour.

I am wondering about including the above photo in this post. I just wanted you to see exactly what we saw on Sunday. What you are also seeing is some funky hair color which I hope does not look like that in real life!!!! I think I will check it out in the mirror next time I happen to be in the bathroom….Enough about my hair, back to Sedona!

Scene in Sedona AZ

No photo I can take will ever do justice to the scenery in Sedona but I hope these two give you at least a taste of its beauty. Tomorrow I will tell you about the Grand Canyon and show you some more photos. By the way. Pink Jeep Tours did not in any way compensate me, unfortunately, for my endorsement of their tours. We just like them! Besides, the jeeps are pink and what girl wouldn’t like  a pink jeep????




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2 05 2012

Griff and I went through Sedona two years ago on the motorcycle. It’s beauty just can’t be captured by a camera. If we were wealthy, I’d be pushing for a home there.

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