My Most Memorable Mother’s Day Ever

8 05 2012

I don’t remember the exact year of my most memorable Mother’s Day, but it will still go down in infamy!

My two daughters were young but not too young. Maybe eight and ten? Seven and nine? We made arrangements with a couple we were good friends with to come over with their daughter for Mother’s Day. The dads would play Dungeons and Dragons with the girls while the two moms would go out and do some power shopping. Yes, I did just say Dungeons and Dragons, so now you know we are total nerds!

Like the good hostess that I am I left drinks and snacks and then the ladies were off! After a few hours of uninterrupted shopping we picked up some Kentucky Fried Chicken and headed back to the house. Had I to do it over, I might have chosen a different food, maybe something that was not fried…. but hindsight is always 20/20!

It seems like when we women got home I might have noticed that the five people we had left behind had really enjoyed the snacks and drinks, like that the snacks and drinks were all gone. But I admit that part is a little fuzzy after all these years. We ate dinner and then our friends went home, the girls went to bed, and Hubby and I watched a little TV before we crawled into bed ourselves. And then we heard it…. the tell-tale noise of a child retching in the next room. Oh boy! Of course we had no idea she would get sick so there was no bowl and it went everywhere. Being who I am I immediately tried to get to the bottom of why my child was throwing up. This is a completely self-serving action on my part because I really really wanted to determine that it was not a virus. Stomach flu and I do not have a good relationship (just ask Hubby) and so I get pretty paranoid when people around me start to barf.

Well, after I grilled my Hubby like a Nazi interrogator I figured out that the two dads had not monitored the snack and soda pop consumption of the three children in any way. Throw on top of that party a meal of KFC and it is a wonder that my other daughter didn’t barf, too!  But, you know, nothing epitomizes motherhood more than dealing with a barfing child. And so, this day went down in infamy and became my most memorable Mother’s Day ever!




One response

8 05 2012

Well, I’ll have to say my most memorable Mother’s Day was when a friend of mine sent me a Mother’s Day text because neither of us are mothers and she wanted us to be remembered too!

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