I Must Have Been Ill

9 05 2012

I had people coming over on Sunday so Saturday I started to do the down and dirty cleaning of the house. Away with dog fur! Away with cat hair! Away with dust.  Away with grime! I started feeling funny so I asked Hubby to check and see if I had a temperature. He had been out in his shop so he kindly checked his hands for dirt before feeling my forehead, neck, and cheek. “No, I don’t think you have a fever. Why?” he said. “Because I was just vacuuming the dining room and I got this giddy feeling of joy and happiness. I was enjoying cleaning!” He agreed that this could only be caused by a virus.

Well, what ever that virus was it was a vicious. I kept cleaning all day long. I must have vacuumed for 45 minutes and then I began on the kitchen, all the while filled with the giddy feeling of home maker happiness. This was my house! I was making it clean and beautiful! Is there some kind of Martha Stewart virus going around?

I am happy to report that, three days later I seem to be over what ever that weird illness was. I did very little around the house yesterday, as least in the cleaning category. Whew!  Although I have to say that just talking about it makes me want to dust…




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9 05 2012

I get that virus every 4 to 5 months. Out of the Blue, I start vaccuuming and cleaning the bathroom. I just got over it last weekend when I steam-cleaned the carpet.

9 05 2012

If you start making doilies from recycled tissues, call 9-1-1. That is a sure sign the the Martha virus has spread to your brain and drastic treatment is required. 🙂

9 05 2012

The first thing I would have asked is if I was pregnant! Don’t you get those nesting instincts then? Take 2 margaritas and put on some wild music. It will go away.

9 05 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

If you run out of things to clean and are still infected with your virus, feel free to come to my house.

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