Honey vs. Blackie: A Day in the Life, Part I

10 05 2012

Honey the Dog and Blackie the Cat’s day with me.

5:30 a.m.

Honey: Asleep on my pillow. Ah, life is good!

Blackie: There goes that weird machine shaking and rattling. My sign to get up and have my early morning snack. Isn’t is nice that these people I live with got me this machine that gives me food so early, so I don’t have to go to all the effort to meow, screech, and yell to let them know I am hungry? Yum! Now, back to sleep.

7:30 a.m.

Honey: Bedroom door is opening! My sign to get up and go outside!

Blackie: Bedroom door is opening! My sign to get up and insist on more food!

8:30 a.m.

Honey: Blissful sleep on the carpet by the computer. I like to be near the lady!

Blackie: Blissful sleep where ever I feel like it. Today I think it will be the dining room chair.

10 a.m.

Honey: It is so nice that the lady sits at that computer all day. I can just sleep away on the comfy rug! Whoa! There goes that crazy cat again!

Blackie: I think I will go use my box in the garage and then BURST through the cat door and AMAZE the dog and the lady with my blinding burst of speed up the hall and into the dining room! Who is the most incredible cat in the world???ME ME ME! Whew! Amazing people and dogs is so exhausitng…I am going to sleep in the patch of sun in the dining room now…it is close by.


Honey: Oops, lady is moving…yes, she is leaving the computer….I think I will go get on my bed. I can see her in the kitchen from there.

Blackie: Oops, lady is moving…she is in the room with the magic cupboard where the food is kept!!! I will go in and meow until she gives me food. I know just the right tone to use to make sure she does it!

1 p.m.

Honey: Lady is  back at the computor. I will go back and lay down on the comfy rug.

Blackie: Lady has left the room with the magic cupboard. I think I will go to sleep somewhere…maybe the window seat! That sounds nice!

2 p.m.

Honey: Lady on the move again! I think I will stay right here on the comfy rug. When she sits down again I will move, if she is in another room.

Blackie: Lady is on the move again! I will go meow so she knows I am hungry again. She doesn’t seem to understand how hungry a kitty gets. Just seeing her walk towards the room with the magic cupboard makes my stomach growl. Lady! Don’t you hear me???FEED ME!!!!

Tomorrow I will delight you with the rest of Honey and Blackie’s day!




3 responses

10 05 2012

Honey sounds like a cuddly dog.

10 05 2012

I need to get one of those autofeed machines so I don’t get woken up at 3 a.m.! Everything else sounds like a normal day here except there are 3 cats and no dogs!

16 05 2012
Woman in the Middle

The auto feed machine is wonderful! It was totally worth the relatively small price we paid for it. It is all about quality of life and not getting woken up at 5:30 in the morning makes my quality of life much better!!!! It is noisy though, so put it some place away from the bedroom.

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