Honey and Blackie: A Day in the Life, Part II

11 05 2012

Yesterday I gave you a run down on Honey and Blackie’s day in the morning and early afternoon. Here is the rest of their day!

3 p.m.

Honey: Just relaxing. Ahh, I love this time of day!

Blackie: Hungry again. Hate this time of day.

5 p.m.

Honey: Just chillin!

Blackie: Hungry again. Does this woman not understand how much food a large overweight cat with beautiful black fur needs to be happy and content?

6 p.m.

Honey: Hum, Lady seem to be hanging out in the kitchen. Maybe dinner is coming soon! I have noticed that they are feeding me inside now. Kind of annoying because when I don’t like my food (which is just about every day) I don’t have any place to bury it. I hate it when the cat, who is always hungry, sniffs my food like he it going to eat it. Then I have to gag it down to keep it away from him. Don’t they understand I have a discerning palate?

Blackie: Sure, feed the dog!  Heck, I am so hungry I could eat dog food if I had to, and I may have to!

7:30 p.m.

Honey: Did I just hear the magic word??? Did the lady tell the man she wants to go on a WALK!!! Yes! She has the blue rope thing in her hands! I must jump up and bounce my small pointy feet off her legs with all my might to let her know HOW MUCH  I want to go for a walk! The bruises will just be a reminder to her tomorrow of how much I love to walk!

Blackie: Hum, the people and the dog seen to be leaving …. I think I will sleep some more.

9:30 p.m.

Honey: Blissful sleep on my pillow. I am so tired my tongue just slips right out of my mouth. I hate it when it does that. It gets all dry on the end and these people are always whispering about it. They even try to touch it sometimes. So annoying!

Blackie: Time to tell the people it is bed time. I will act all cute and friendly and then they will pet me. I will engage them in adorable head butting because they seem to like it and then they will pet me some more. Purrr….

10:30 p.m.

Honey: Ooh! Ooh! They are headed out to the garage! That means it is snack time!!! Whoo hoo!

Blackie: Finally! It is about time I get my night-time food. It has been hours! Maybe it will even be canned food! Yum! But I will take what I can get!

And so ends a day in the life of Honey the dog and Blackie the cat and their family. Because, after all, the humans are just here to wait on the pets, right? As I typed that last line Eldest Daughter just walked into the kitchen and started her coffee. Blackie meowed and she gave him some food. Like I said, we are all just here to wait on the pets!




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11 05 2012

Again, this sounds like my house only with three cats you get a little of the, “that’s my food, stay away” snarl or a friendly (?) head but when someone gets too close at eating time.

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