Dear Mom

14 05 2012

Dear Mom,

I have so many questions I wish I could ask you now that my two girls are young adults –

Did it drive you nuts not knowing where I was and that I was safe???? We didn’t have cell phones then, so you truly didn’t know where I was if I forgot to tell you or if I got home late. Really, how did you stand it???

How did you survive the boyfriend years????  Did I ever date someone you didn’t think was right for me? If so, how did you stay silent? Was having a stranger (my boyfriend of the time) in your house all the time weird and crazy and annoying? You didn’t seem to mind, but did you really, secretly, wish they would just go away and leave you in peace???

Last but not least, did you ever stop worrying about me? Or can I anticipate worry just being a part of my life as a mother forever and ever?

Love you Mom. Happy 85th birthday and Mother’s Day yesterday! Say hi to Dad and everyone else who is there with you. Wish you were here. I miss you.

PS. I want to say I am very sorry for every time I rolled my eyes at you. I realize now how annoying it is!




One response

15 05 2012

I KNOW my mom worried about me when I went out because she stayed up until I got home – even if the time was 6 a.m.!

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