I thought the dog was shy

15 05 2012

I am so sorry about having yet another post about one of my pets. I admit that my world is narrow and lacking in excitement. You will also agree with the sad state of my social life when you read this post and think, “Really? That is all she has to blog about?”

For most of her life with us our dog has had a shy bladder. For years after she entered our lives, I mean YEARS, we never actually saw her going to the bathroom. We saw the results of those activities in the back yard but otherwise it was as if our dog never had to potty. Well, I think I can say that after almost twelve years our dog’s shy bladder phase is over. Saturday morning I was out picking up dog you know what, our fun weekend ritual. I was bent over, head near the ground, when I realized that the dog was standing a scant 12 inches from my face. I looked up and realized she wasn’t standing, she was squatting..a..foot..from my face!!!! Can’t say that Honey is a shy dog anymore! Fun times!




3 responses

15 05 2012

My dog Spanky was NEVER shy about potty time. He didn’t care WHO saw him doing it.

15 05 2012

Hey, I post about my critters often. They are usually more interesting than people. It would be hard to post out a person pooping in your yard althought THAT would make a fabulous post!

15 05 2012
Woman in the Middle

If I caught someone someone doing THAT in the yard, I would have to blog about it. How could I not?

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