And So Summer Starts Again

22 05 2012

This past weekend definitely gave us a preview of summer. Sunday in particular was quite warm, topping out in the high 90s. We were jumping into hot cars and cries of “Roll down the windows” echoed though the neighborhood. My lone zucchini plant slurped up water like a sailor on shore leave slurps up beer. The air conditioner happily ran while draining pennies, nickels, and dimes from my pocket-book. I have to admit it, I don’t love summer. Maybe if it snowed here in the winter I would appreciate summer more. But it doesn’t and I don’t. Here are my top ten reasons why summer in inland Southern California is not my thing:

1. Return of the mosquitos. Left alone, there wouldn’t be many mosquitos in the area but add a pond on a golf course to the mix and Voila! The little blood suckers harass us at night and I don’t appreciate it. I need to add “Call mosquito abatement” to my list of things to do.

2. Sweat – I don’t like to sweat, period. Menopause has not helped this little problem, either.

3. I really don’t like hopping into a car that has been sitting in the sun on a hot day. They are ovens! It causes more sweat, see number 2 above.

4. The previous owners of our house had a thing for invasive plants. The planted them about the house with abandon. In the front of the house summer means fighting the morning glories off. If we don’t attack them on a regular basis they will take over and smother everything else in the front yard. Hubby was already out Saturday beginning the summer offensive.

5. I am a white person in the most basic sence – my skin is very white. Some people find this offensive in the glaring brightness of a summer sun. So showing it off it not my favorite thing to do.

6. Sunscreen, slathering on sunscreen. See number 5 above.

7. Turn your eyes and attention away for a moment and Boom! the pool turns green. Nothing says summer like a swamp in your back yard!

8. Summer starts in May around here and lasts until mid October. Sigh….

9. The heat.

10. The heat. Yes, I just repeated it, because we do get heat around here, living in a desert and all.

OK, I have whined enough! Tomorrow I will tell you what is delightful and amazing about Southern California summers!




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22 05 2012

On number 5, I also am waging a battle with aggressive perennials. In my case, the enemy is periwinkles. The spring offensive was relatively successful, eliminating about 80% of the surface troops. However, I fear the return of the troops as they torpedo out of hidden roots.

22 05 2012

No sympathy from this northeasterner. We have the mosquitos, white skin, heat (although for a shorter period) and yes tons of sun screen. What we also have are lousey winters (unless you are a skiier!)

22 05 2012
Woman in the Middle

Note I am not trying to spend summer somewhere else either!!!! Bad here but worse other places!Tomorrow I list the good things about summer in my neck of the woods.

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