Wonderful Summers in So Cal

23 05 2012

After my big whine about summer yesterday I thought it only fair that I mention the good things about summer here in Inland So Cal.

1. Little or no humidity. “It’s a dry heat” as we like to say.

2. The beach. Yes, it is an hour away, but that is close enough to go whenever we want. The water visits us from Alaska so it is chilly, which feels nice on a hot day.

3. Inviting people over for a cold icy drink and a dip in the pool.

4. Growing veggies in our garden, even if that garden is just one zucchini plant! The long growing season means lots of time to harvest the fresh veggies!

5. The heat is a good reason to not do anything!

6. Flip flops and sandals allow me to show off the cute paint job on my toes.

7. The smell of certain brands of sunscreen scream “summer” to my senses and brings back all kind of good memories.

8. Icees, Slurpies, or what every ice infused beverage you enjoy, takes on a new delight in the heat of the summer.

9.  If the idea of sand in our pants isn’t appealing, we can go to the mountains instead to cool off.

10. There is something to be said for experiencing summer in a place where summer is the iconic season. When people think of Southern California, they think of summer, not winter, spring, or fall, although those are nice too.

FYI: Honey the dog has to go to the vet today. Something seems a little off and she seems to be experiencing some discomfort. Please send good karma her way. She is almost 12!




3 responses

24 05 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

It’s good that there is some yin to go with your yang for the summer. Good luck at the vet with Honey.

23 05 2012

You forgot to mention that orange trees grow in abundance here. I hope Honey feels better!

23 05 2012

Now this is the California of my dreams! Good luck with Honey, poor baby!

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