Fun Times at the Vet

24 05 2012

As I mentioned yesterday, Honey was just not herself so I decided to take her to the vet. Hubby agreed, but, lets face it, he was at work 45 or more minutes away and I was going to get the job of taking her. I began the preparation for this adventure by having Eldest Daughter brush the heck out of Honey the night before, hoping to have less dog hair in my car. Yesterday, right before the appointment, I spread a twin size sheet all over the passenger side of the car, floor, seat, and console. Then it was off we go, just Honey and I!

I knew that Honey wasn’t feeling her usual self just because she wasn’t a handful and a half on the way there, she was only a handful. unfortunately, the vet office was busy (I guess) as the appointment was at 3:45 and I didn’t see a doctor until 4:20. I didn’t get to leave until 5:10. Felt like I was at a human doctor’s office. I am happy to report that the doctor didn’t feel any masses in Honey’s abdomen but when she manipulated poor Honey’s back Honey’s lips curled up in that “If I hadn’t evolved over thousands of years to love humans and put up with their crap, I would so totally be ripping your face off right now” look. Since it was my face that was within ripping distance of those teeth I was glad she restrained herself.

So the diagnosis is that Honey has strained her lower back and needs to take it easy for two weeks as well as take an anti inflammatory. Unfortunately, the x-ray machine was on the blink so guess who gets to take another ride with Honey tomorrow? Yep, I left the sheet in my car. No point in taking it out quite yet!   Besides, it makes the Camry look so classy!




4 responses

25 05 2012
Paprika Furstenburg

Glad to hear that Honey just has some aches and pains, but nothing serious.

24 05 2012

What in the world has she been doing to strain her back?

24 05 2012
Woman in the Middle

The only thing we can think of is that the new house has wood floors and she runs around on them like a crazy thing, slipping and sliding around. So she may have slipped the wrong way and stained it. OR maybe she is just getting old. Who knows?

24 05 2012

You better get her some tennis shoes! Sounds like she’s gonna need them with all that exercise.

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