Honey Strikes Again

1 06 2012

Night before last Honey created yet another classic pet moment in our household involving, what else, dog poop and Hubby, in a scene that I am sure would have been a Utube favorite if only I had gotten it on film….

I was out bustling about getting some things done in the yard I decided to go next door and tell our neighbors that I was going to have a meeting the next night of 20 to 30 women on my patio. Our neighbors have very large dogs who are very friendly but have loud barks and I thought a group of people in the back yard  might get them excited so I wanted to forewarn. After I explained my reason for coming over we chatted a bit. Meanwhile Hubby came home and went in the front door. Honey, who was inside, had apparently felt the need to go and deposited a large wet pile on the throw rug by the front door. Hubby didn’t see the pile as he came in. His left foot somehow both kicked the pile off the rug and then stepped in it. We have wood floors and so the entire left side of his body went surfing for about three feet, riding on the wave of poop. Note I said his left side went surfing. Of course his right side was planted firmly on the ground. The next time I saw him he was walking towards me on the sidewalk in the front  of the house, one shoe on and one shoe off. Being the observant  person that I am I noticed this odd state of affairs and asked what happened.

He explained that he had almost broken his leg due to dog poop. Honey got to spend a bit of time outside at that point. I got to clean up the poop. It is one of those unwritten marriage rules: Spouse who almost breaks a limb on the surprise pile of poop may limp away while other spouse cleans up said pile. I am happy to report that a couple of aspirin helped Hubby with the pain cause by one side of the body sliding while the other side did not. He seems none the worse for the excitement, but I don’t ask. I spent an amazing amount of time on my hands and knees getting up the prodigious amount of poop. Really, Honey isn’t that big. It required the initial clean up, a wash with soap and water, and then a scrubbing with a toothbrush to get it out of the cracks between the wood boards that make up the floor. I felt a particular urgency since I was having that meeting the next night and, silly me, didn’t want my house to smell like dog poop. The rug was washed and no longer smells, either.

We think, in hindsight, that the situation might have been caused by the antibiotics Honey was taking for a supposed bladder infection. All three of us are now just trying to pretend it didn’t happen.




2 responses

1 06 2012

Hysterical! Poor thing just had to go and a nice washable throw carpet is a handy place!

1 06 2012
Woman in the Middle

I also appreciated that it was on the washable throw rug. Next time I would prefer the kitchen…no cracks that I have to scrub the you-know-what out of !

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