Living on the Edge

12 06 2012

Hubby likes living on the edge apparently so he actually got one of our broken windows fixed over the weekend. Yep, the two windows that were broken by golf balls back in the winter had not been fixed yet. I put a bunch of clear packing tape on them (what I like to call my redneck fix) and I was good to go until the hail of golf balls stopped. Because those windows were broken two weeks apart (and that was after we had three other windows broken) I put a moratorium on fixing windows.

Just after Hubby announced that he was getting one of the windows fixed, I ran into our real estate agent, Graham. He asked what we were doing this weekend and I told him about fixing the window. We had previously mentioned to him our window/golf ball problem. He said he had recently seen the previous owners of our house and asked them about the windows. They told him that in the fifteen years they lived in the house they could remember only two windows being broken by golf balls. That makes me feel so special and unique! They had an average of one window broken every 7 1/2 years. So far we have had a window broken, on average, every 4.8 months!

Based on the evidence, we do believe they are telling the truth. We must be living through a weird period of very bad golfers. The other window is still broken, by the way. It is much larger and Hubby is going to have to decide if he is going to wrestle it out or if we are going to pay though the nose to have someone come to the house and fix it. Meanwhile, the packing tape is working just fine….



2 responses

12 06 2012

Duck tape is my brother’s final solution: If it can’t be fixed with duck tape, it can’t be fixed!

12 06 2012

Packing tape looks better than duck tape which is my go-to to fix things. Hey, it works!

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