Viva Las Vegas

20 06 2012

We just spent the weekend in Las Vegas. Hubby and I were just there last November but the girls hadn’t been in a while so we had a little family get away. Las Vegas is an interesting place. On this trip the “interesting” started on the way there! Here are some highlights/comments on our Vegas get away.

1. Four young men in a car heading to Vegas. In one of the side windows a handwritten sign read “Show us your boobs.” Dream on boys! Since I had two young ladies in my car (the age group the sign was directed at) I gave them a dirty look as we drove by for good measure!

2. Once we got to Vegas on Saturday Youngest Daughter went to meet up with some friends who also happened to be in town. One of the girls saw her sun glasses and asked, “Are your sunglasses Fendi?” “No,” my Youngest replied, “I got them at the 99 cent store. But they were originally $15!” I am still laughing about that one!

3. We stayed at the Monte Carlo. It is in a good location on the strip, isn’t too expensive, and we have had pretty good luck there. We ate at the buffet Saturday night. It was yummy! In the past it was just called the “Monte Carlo Buffet.” They have changed the name, I kid you not, to the “Big Belly Buffet.” It was there in huge letters along with a cartoon drawing of a cook with a HUGE belly. Seriously? Who thought that up? Who wants to eat at a buffet with a name that reminds you that eating there will just make you fat?

4. The Time: Midnight. The Place: A crowded and hot elevator in the Monte Carlo Hotel.  The Incident: An Asian gentleman whips out his cell phone and starts talking on the elevator in his native tongue and in a loud voice. I refrained from yanking the phone from his hand and screaming “Oh no you don’t!” But only just.

5. Speaking of elevators, they were always hot, even the ones inside the buildings. Why oh why?

6. We went to the Penn and Teller show at the Rio. I highly recommend it. The whole family enjoyed it!

7. The best part was getting to spend time together as a family. I have a very funny family and we had some good laughs along the way.



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21 06 2012

What is the Penn and Teller Show?

21 06 2012
Woman in the Middle

Penn and Teller are magicians but are very funny, too. You have probably seen them on TV. Penn is very tall and has a pony tail. Teller is short and never talks in their shows. Penn actually played a warlock in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch show. So my girls thought it was fun to see him since they loved that show when they were kids.

20 06 2012

I wonder how lucky the guys were with the boob sign. Just wondering….

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