Traditional Dad

18 06 2012

I was born in 1961 and I had a very traditional dad. He did the yard work while my Mom did the inside housework. The only time (or at least almost the only time) he cooked was over a grill. He took care of the cars. He paid the mortgage. My mom bought the groceries…anyway, you see how it was. But the one way he wasn’t traditional was in his plans and expectations for me. He expected me to go to college and told me I could be any thing I wanted to be. He did not put any restrictions on my future because I was a woman. I am very grateful for that. Because of that I have a bachelors and a masters. I have worked in fields where I was often only women in the room. They say that girls need a dad in so many ways. In my experience I can see why.

My girls are very lucky that they have a dad who also encourages them to do what they want, regardless of their gender. That is why one plans to be a high school English teacher and the other plans on being a mechanical engineer.  Obviously, in our house we like to cover the gambit of possible careers!

A belated Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful dads out there, including the ones in my life!


Some Updates

15 06 2012

A few updates on some of the things that have been going on lately:

1. I survived my picture-taking today. The photographer insisted on taking some with me smiling with my lips together. While not as bad a making me put my chin down (thus creating even more chins)  I still don’t think that is one of my best looks. Hope they choose one where my teeth are showing!

2. We have survived six days with the repaired window and thus far no golf balls have come near it. Oh boy! The weekend is coming!

3. I was back in my local 99 cent store a couple of days ago and I am happy to report that no one showed me their bra or other undergarments. As a matter of fact all the other shoppers ignored me. I liked it that way!

4. That blog post I started, the one I titled “That’s Creepy” but I couldn’t remember what I meant? I still don’t remember. Oh well. I am sure there are lots of other things I don’t remember, but I don’t remember that I don’t remember them….do you think I can get one more “remember” in this sentence? What was I supposed to remember?   I think I just like typing remember….

On No! A Photo!

14 06 2012

The good news: I have gotten a freelance position with the local paper to do a twice monthly column on local history. It starts in July.

The bad news: They will be taking my photo which will run with my column. This photo will show up in the paper at least TWICE a month.

Oh lordy! When I look in the mirror I keep expecting to see my 30-year-old self at least 50 lbs ago.   But that is not what I see when I actually look in the mirror. Sigh.

I have put in a call to my hair dresser. When you have had the same hairdresser for 26 years you can count on her in emergency situations such as these.  I  made a visit yesterday to the Clinique counter in my local department store. There a kind woman named Eva made me over and I bought an obscene number of products designed to show me at my best, or at least what passes for best when you are 50.

I have my clothes picked out as well. Nothing new, just something from my closet. I have enough office type clothes around that coming up with an appropriate top and a pair of black pants was not a problem.

Now I am just praying I don’t get the news photographer that makes his/her subjects always tilt their chin down. I can always tell when someone in the paper had their photo taken by that photographer. When I tilt my chin down multiple chins appear so it might result in a show down if any chin tilting is requested.

Whew! I feel like I have been preparing for battle and now I just have to wait until dawn…Actually I have to wait until 10:30 a.m. on Friday. We shall see how it goes. I am comforted by the fact that the picture will be very small when it appears in the paper!

Living on the Edge

12 06 2012

Hubby likes living on the edge apparently so he actually got one of our broken windows fixed over the weekend. Yep, the two windows that were broken by golf balls back in the winter had not been fixed yet. I put a bunch of clear packing tape on them (what I like to call my redneck fix) and I was good to go until the hail of golf balls stopped. Because those windows were broken two weeks apart (and that was after we had three other windows broken) I put a moratorium on fixing windows.

Just after Hubby announced that he was getting one of the windows fixed, I ran into our real estate agent, Graham. He asked what we were doing this weekend and I told him about fixing the window. We had previously mentioned to him our window/golf ball problem. He said he had recently seen the previous owners of our house and asked them about the windows. They told him that in the fifteen years they lived in the house they could remember only two windows being broken by golf balls. That makes me feel so special and unique! They had an average of one window broken every 7 1/2 years. So far we have had a window broken, on average, every 4.8 months!

Based on the evidence, we do believe they are telling the truth. We must be living through a weird period of very bad golfers. The other window is still broken, by the way. It is much larger and Hubby is going to have to decide if he is going to wrestle it out or if we are going to pay though the nose to have someone come to the house and fix it. Meanwhile, the packing tape is working just fine….

Out and About at Bass Pro Shop

11 06 2012

Two and a half years ago Hubby received a gift card for Bass Pro Shop. It has been hanging around and finally, last Saturday,   we got to our nearest hunter’s paradise so he could spend his gift card. This being Southern California, a pretty populated place, our particular family hasn’t gotten into hunting and fishing. I hunt my way down to the store and pick up my meat there. So it is a pretty unique experience for me to wander around in a store looking at a whole lot of stuff designed for hunting and fishing.  The best thing I found was in the women’s hunting clothes section. Yep, a whole section of women’s hunting duds! I was pretty awestruck at what I saw – a woman’s hunting vest which was brown and …pink! Nothing says “I feel like a woman” than a pink trimmed hunting vest!

In case you want one for your self, here it is. The brand is Browning.

View larger image

I can’t remember

8 06 2012

Poor Sheryl Crow. She forgot the words to one of her most popular songs at a concert a few weeks ago and it was all over the news. She brushed it off with a comment about getting old and I totally related! Seriously, my memory has so many holes if it was cheese it would have to be Swiss!

WordPress, which I use to format and publish this blog, has a feature that allows you to create draft blogs. They keep them all together for you so you can go back and review all the possible posts that are waiting in the que. I have one that I started on April 22nd. I only got to the point of giving it a title and I didn’t actually write anything. I called it “It is Creepy.” I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what that post was  supposed to be about! I am now finding it to be very creepy that I can’t remember what was so creepy…

Just this week, Sheryl Crow announced that she has a benign brain tumor which is causing her memory problems. While no one wants a brain tumor, benign or otherwise, I can only imagine the relief she felt that there was a reason for her memory lapses. I sure wish I had an excuse….But, seriously, I wish Sheryl all the best. And, at this point, I will probably never know what was creepy!

The Unexpected Moment

7 06 2012

Yesterday I wrote the blog post below. I thought it was about a funny moment in my life, one that was totally odd and unexpected. Imagine my hurt feelings when not a soul out in the blog world liked it or commented on it. “Blogging can be so difficult, ” I thought.  Then this morning I discovered that I never hit the “publish” button. I feel so much better now about the blogging world and so much worse about my own ineptitude!  

I stopped by my local 99 cent store yesterday to pick up a few things. While I was standing in the stationary aisle a lady approached me and asked where the next nearest 99 cent store was. I explained where they were, twice, or maybe three or four times. She didn’t seem familiar with the area even though she said she lived near by. She then began to explain to me that she had previously purchased a bra from that particular 99 cent store and she really loved it…and then, I kid you not, she pulled her shirt out of her pants and lifted it up so I could admire and appreciate the fine features of her bra, the one she was currently wearing….

I can truthfully say that I have never had a total stranger lift their shirt in the middle of a store and show me their bra. I hope it never happens again, actually. Other than modeling her bra for me she seemed reasonably normal… If you are wondering what I did…I just kept my cool, kept on chatting, and edged away.    Certainly a memorable moment in my local 99 cent store!