Out and About at Bass Pro Shop

11 06 2012

Two and a half years ago Hubby received a gift card for Bass Pro Shop. It has been hanging around and finally, last Saturday,   we got to our nearest hunter’s paradise so he could spend his gift card. This being Southern California, a pretty populated place, our particular family hasn’t gotten into hunting and fishing. I hunt my way down to the store and pick up my meat there. So it is a pretty unique experience for me to wander around in a store looking at a whole lot of stuff designed for hunting and fishing.  The best thing I found was in the women’s hunting clothes section. Yep, a whole section of women’s hunting duds! I was pretty awestruck at what I saw – a woman’s hunting vest which was brown and …pink! Nothing says “I feel like a woman” than a pink trimmed hunting vest!

In case you want one for your self, here it is. The brand is Browning.

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