My New Addiction

21 06 2012

I have a new addiction, to a television program that is. It is a nice change of pace from the crime shows (or blood, guts, and gore) that we usually watch. Many of you will be surprised that we hadn’t found it yet. I am happily settling in to watch Big Bang Theory every night this summer. It makes me laugh. While we are not theoretical physicists as are some of the characters, their nerdiness does hit a bit close to home and probably makes it that much funnier to us.

By the way, I doubt I will be watching it every night. I do have to share the TV with the rest of the family and they probably will want to watch something else occasionally. Sigh. On the Big Bang Theory website they have lists and lits of quotes from the show. I picked out a few that made me laugh and posted them below. Happy Thursday!

Sheldon: Ah, gravity – thou art a heartless bitch.

Sheldon: Why do you have the Chinese character for ‘soup’ tattooed on your right buttock? Penny: It’s not ‘soup’; it’s ‘courage’. Sheldon: No it isn’t. But I suppose it does take courage to demonstrate that kind of commitment to soup.

(The guys are playing Dungeons & Dragons, with Sheldon as Dungeon Master.) Sheldon: The entrance to the dungeon is a moss-covered door. You manage to open it only to find yourself face-to-face with a hideous, foul-smelling, moss-covered ogre. What do you do? Howard: I say, “Hey Ma, what’s for dinner?”

Sheldon: I think that you [Leonard] have as much of a chance of having a sexual relationship with Penny as the Hubble telescope does of discovering at the center of every black hole is a little man with a flashlight searching for a circuit breaker.