I can’t remember

8 06 2012

Poor Sheryl Crow. She forgot the words to one of her most popular songs at a concert a few weeks ago and it was all over the news. She brushed it off with a comment about getting old and I totally related! Seriously, my memory has so many holes if it was cheese it would have to be Swiss!

WordPress, which I use to format and publish this blog, has a feature that allows you to create draft blogs. They keep them all together for you so you can go back and review all the possible posts that are waiting in the que. I have one that I started on April 22nd. I only got to the point of giving it a title and I didn’t actually write anything. I called it “It is Creepy.” I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what that post was  supposed to be about! I am now finding it to be very creepy that I can’t remember what was so creepy…

Just this week, Sheryl Crow announced that she has a benign brain tumor which is causing her memory problems. While no one wants a brain tumor, benign or otherwise, I can only imagine the relief she felt that there was a reason for her memory lapses. I sure wish I had an excuse….But, seriously, I wish Sheryl all the best. And, at this point, I will probably never know what was creepy!